Immortal Swordslinger

Ethan didn’t believe in magical swords until one transported him to a fantasy world. 

A world with monsters, martial arts guilds, and elemental powers beyond imagining. 

In fact, it’s almost like he died and went to heaven. If heaven contained rivals bent on killing him, elf tutors who want to bed him, and a feisty spearmaiden with something to prove. 

Contains harem elements.

Shiftless: Tuatha Series Book 1

My name is Terry and apparently, I’m a Lycan. Unlike werewolves, I can’t change shape.

With the help of a couple of beautiful, dynamic, and powerful Lycan women, I begin to learn where my power lies and how to tap into it.

Along the way, we uncover a secret that could change the hidden world of monsters forever.

But, someone doesn’t want their secrets exposed.

Pursued by an enraged werewolf alpha and his ferocious pack, the women and I must do whatever it takes to survive.

Our world needs to know the dirty secrets buried just beneath the surface.

Join the pack, and once this wild ride is over—there will be free beer and popcorn for all!

Vampire Mage 3: An Urban Fantasy Harem

A mysterious stranger. Dark secrets from a forgotten past. A journey into the Underworld.

Hayden and his women are in for the time of their lives. After uncovering a betrayal that threatens everyone close to him, Hayden is set on a path that may lead him hurtling towards war. 

The clock is ticking and Hayden is on a mission through hidden portals and dangerous, unknown areas of the Underworld to find pieces of himself he never knew were missing. 

Warning: this book contains a harem, violent action, and adult content.

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