5. Rescued: A Catgirl Harem Adventure (No longer available on Amazon)

When Jack St. Clare rescued a catgirl from the evil Katsukami corporation, he should have read the fine print.
Well, for one, they follow you everywhere.
For two, they do all your laundry, dishes, and generally pick up after you.
For three, well, your every wish is their command … if you’re into that sort of thing.
Sure, that doesn’t seem bad, but now that he’s saved one, this intern turned catgirl savior has a choice. He can help his catgirl rescue all her friends from the corporation, stop their evil boss from exploiting catgirls, and end a century’s worth of oppression, or he can leave the world to its fate.
Yeah, that’s not much of a choice, is it?


4. Alpha World

Seamus is facing life in prison without parole. While doing his time he’s given an option by the Department of Justice and the biggest virtual game maker around, Mindblown Entertainment. If he will help them test long term immersion he will get the chance to play the latest game from Mindblown, Alpha World. All he has to do is sign away his legal rights and sign an NDA.

Now exploring Alpha World, Seamus becomes the Summoner Alburet. Follow Alburet on his journey of exploration and questing in the latest game to hit the market. He will summon demons, befriend players and NPCs alike all while trying to find a little happiness in his life.

He’s the first gamer to be sentenced to life imprisonment in a virtual world. What could go wrong?

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3. Soulbound to a Dragon

Riella Akema is a Pantherian, the rare child of a human and Therian. In her case, her father was an Elderfel, a cat-like humanoid that despises all other races, making her an abomination in their eyes. The only reason she’s still alive is because her mother sacrificed everything to buy her eighteen years of safety in the magically protected forest of the elves.
      But now that time has come to an end.
      Her birthday present from the elves is her permanent exile. Riella must now face the outside world for the first time, along with the dangers and discrimination that come with it. However, unknown to her, the Elderfel have been waiting all this time for her to reappear. Her life means more to them than a simple mixing of the races. She is more than just an abomination.
      Will her magic be enough to defend herself? Or will the Elderfel take her life and steal her soul along with it?

      Really, I felt like I hadn’t truly been living until now. And I wasn’t about to go back to a life of solitude just to keep this body breathing, while my heart slowly withered away in loneliness. I needed to feel, to be alive, even if it did ultimately lead to an early death.
      I looked up at him with renewed determination, only to realize he wasn’t focused on me anymore, and his expression had changed drastically. He had a look in his eyes that I hadn’t seen before, and I hoped to never see it directed at me.
      Pure hatred.
      I turned around, almost expecting him to be looking at the elf, only to see that all three of them were facing the other way too, swords halfway drawn. I gazed further on, trying to understand what was happening, finally seeing it for myself.

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2. Dungeon Master

What would you do if you were the most powerful dungeon deity in the world and the bindings keeping you trapped within your dungeon were broken?

Would you escape? Would you acquire a party of beautiful female minions? Would you use your new minions to conquer other dungeon deities, consume their magic, and grow even more powerful? Would you take over the world?

Would you then take over the heavens and destroy the gods?

Yes, you would do all of the above.

This novel contains harem elements.

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1. Enthralled

Mark has big plans to further his education but is convinced by his AI assistant to join her for one day in a vividly real, and sexually themed, virtual world. However, not everything is as it seems.
After Mark realizes he is reliving the same day over and over, he needs to find a way out or become trapped forever.

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