Incubus RA.
John Cutter, a human in a predominantly non-human city, turns out to be not quite as human as he gave himself credit for. His daily life gets turned upside down when he begins developing strange powers, and before you know it, he’s romantically entangled with¬†way too many¬†girls. (Seriously Virgil, what were you thinking?)

What more is there to say? This series has become a fan favorite in some circles of harem/erotica readers for its ludicrous, over-the-top “plot.” If you don’t mind reading a fantasy erotica tale that jumps the shark at least once every book, then look no further! Incubus R.A. is by far Virgil Knightley’s most popular series, and it remains his best-seller.

The First Omnibus collects books 1-5 from the Incubus RA saga, as well as a fun side-story. What’s more, several new chapters have been added to the first book to improve pacing and give development to characters who became more important in later books.

The whole series clocks in at over 230,000 words, so brace yourself for a wild, wild ride.

This is over-the-top and humorous erotica that gets more ridiculous with every installment. It is not adventure fantasy. It’s not even really slice of life, though Series 2 will include a lot more of that. To give you an idea how weird things get, the main character gets physically involved with a computer virus, and at one point has to get intimate with one of his girlfriends using a haunted gnoll femur. If that sounds fun to you, welcome aboard!
Incubus RA is rated 18+ for extremely spicy adult situations that happen way too often for books of this size. Sorry not sorry.

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