Raid Slayer: A LITRPG Fantasy Adventure Book 3

Zack has his work cut out for him.

Chaos has been unleashed upon the Underworld and Zack and his female companions must fight for their lives and their digital home.

With enemies closing in from all sides, Zack must find a way to strike back and protect the women he loves and still find time to upgrade his player house and have fun in the hot tub.

Beautiful women. A drunk succubus. Mystery and danger.

Raid Slayer 3 has it all.

Come join the fun!

Recommended for 18+ readers!

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Bloodlands 2: A Post-Apocalyptic Harem

Turner West is a busy man.

After killing the vampire lord Silas, he hoped to build a safe haven to protect his people and his women from danger, but the land has other plans.

New undead killers have emerged, and something unholy has been born—and it wants blood.

With his women, his knife, and his will, he will fight against a danger that far surpasses all that has come before, and this time it’s using nature itself to hunt him down.

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Summoner 5

With the mystery of the monsters and the Shadowscape growing deeper every day, Gryff and his friends have been split up by Headmaster Sleet and sent to the far corners of the world with one mission: find some ancient ciphers that could end this war once and for all.

Sounds easy enough, right? 

Well, it would be except for the rifts that keep opening up on top of them, the mercenaries that want them dead, and, oh yeah, a murderous, monster angel that is seeking to bring about the end of the world as Gryff knows it.

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Power Mage


What if you discovered a secret society living among us? A powerful society split into seven psionic orders, each controlling a separate area: minds, flesh, force, truth, machinery, beasts, or the arcane. 

And suppose you were the only person on earth who could control all seven psychic energies. All you need is a teacher from each order.

Seven orders. Seven amazing powers. Seven beautiful teachers.

Would you seek these women, unlock your powers, and destroy your enemies? 

Yes, you would.

But you’d better hurry. 

Because everyone is after you. All seven orders. A shady government bureau. The psionic mafia. And they’ll use any weapon, from guns to psychic attacks to seductive sex, to stop you. 

It’s time to get tough, grab hold, and unleash the beast! 

Warning: Power Mage is the first book in an explosive series containing graphic violence, explicit sex, and a harem of gorgeous women who wreak serious havoc with their minds. Read at your own risk.

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ANNULUS (Cyberratum Series Book 2)

Survive an ever-changing apocalyptic wasteland.
Craft your way to success and into the hearts of a harem of women.

Arthur Blaise just narrowly escaped from a power crazed militant General on Earth. Now, crash landed on the back of a partially constructed ring world called ANNULUS, the group will need to learn how to work together.

But when they find a mysterious tribe of diseased nomads already living on the land, they will regret ever coming to what is known as the Umbral Zone.

This is a book 2 in a ‘loose’ series. Contains post-apocalyptic situations, metaphysical topics, a harem of elemental sisters, and adult language.

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Emissary: Of Gods and Monsters (Book 1) (The Divine Monsters Trilogy)

I stand at the nexus of the monstrous and the divine.

When a woman with horns and hooves came to my door, I could have stayed in bed. I could have ignored her invitation to a world unknown. Instead, I saved her life. And that changed everything.

She is a marvelous creature, with fickle desires and a mischievous glint in her onyx-black eyes. She is brazen and brash and bold — though vulnerable. She is hunted.But she is not without hope.

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A goddess of resplendent grace and beauty watches over the mythical races of the dark forest. She awaits a champion to save them from the brink of a violent extinction. To protect the women I grow to love, I must abandon my small and backwater life to become something more. I must become her emissary.

A holy goddess who sees without sight. A muscled cyclopean beauty en route to the castle’s door. A thirsty satyress with a penchant for cherry wine. Together, we will reshape the world.

WARNING: This book contains violence and gore, explicit sexual encounters, puppets, a goddess with no love of privacy, monster girls in mortal danger, a pampered prince, dazzling divine artifacts, insatiable women, blessed intercourse in a holy temple, death and dismemberment, a god whose anger ignites at deception, a pageant dressing room of hideous horrors, and a rapist who gets tossed into another dimension.

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Arena Book 3 

If there is one thing I know, it’s winners. And I am fantastic at picking winners. Everyone I pick wins. I know it. America knows. The world knows. It’s a fact. And Marc Havak is a winner. Period. Tremendous winner. The best. Exceptional. 

When aliens came to Earth and said they needed a winner, well, I was busy running America. Fantastically. So, the next best winner was Marc Havak. And I have not been wrong. I’m never wrong, and I was right about Marc.

Through two books he’s been funny, handsome, and beaten odds that would have made ordinary men cry like losers. He’s kicked so much alien butt and snagged so many kick-ass alien ladies all while making us laugh with witty one-liners, that even I can’t help but be impressed. The only other person that has impressed me more is me. And I’m tremendous. 

This third book though, I’m telling you, this book is amazing. More of everything you love. Edge of your seat alien battles on fantastic worlds? Win. Smoking hot alien babes who are total tens? Win. Enough heart and guts from the main character to fill one of my incredible hotels? Win. If I could cry I would have even shed a manly tear at a point or two.

I know winners, and you are all winners because you loved the first two books, so what are you waiting for? Do your planet proud and read this book immediately.

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Centauri Storm: A Harem Space Fantasy (Centauri Bliss Book 5)

For the first time since the death of the Emperor the Imperium has new leadership and new strength while the clans are on the move. The Centauri Bliss seeks out new technology, new power, new worlds to add to the clan of thieves to prepare themselves for what is to come.

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