As it turns out, rebelling against the local empire has consequences.

Who knew?

After thwarting an assassination attempt, Wyle was ready for life to go back to normal, but the King was not one to let a problem fester. He’s sent one of his own Appointed to Sparkling Bay to cut Wyle off from his most valuable trading partner, and force Emerald Valley to starve through winter.

Meanwhile, the town is in full preparation mode. They stockpile food, craft warmer clothing, and there are even a few budding romances! Wyle will need to juggle his town’s needs, with his own and his wives’, while fending off new threats from a King’s Hand, and the families of a fallen dungeon party.

The life of a Ruler is filled with stress, but Wyle has found that the love of a few beautiful, hard working women, makes life a lot easier.

***Castle Core is a fantasy LitRPG twist on the typical Dungeon Core story, featuring unconventional relationships, slice-of-life and town-building elements.***

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