Jake is more powerful than ever, but can he save Aether, his mother, and his estranged brother at the same time?

The man who started everything, Jake’s father, is under cover as a visiting scholar. He threatens Jake’s mother and works in the shadows to broker a deal that would make him Headmaster of his own school, but what is he really after?

Meanwhile, a beautiful old friend is awaiting exorcism in Aether’s dungeons. Breaking her out is one thing. Fixing her reputation is another. Jake will need to sacrifice something he holds dear in order to make things right.

If he wants to keep his mother safe, Jake will need to find a way home. But will he stay there, or live in Aether forever?

**Witch Girl Study Group 5 is the final volume in an isekai fantasy harem series with slice of life elements and explicit adult situations**

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