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Harem GameLit: Midknight: A Doom of Liches

Can a curse be a blessing? Can dark power right a great wrong and heal a broken world? Jaryd is a bartender and woodcutter for the Brass Bat Tavern and Inn. When he is not tending bar, chopping down trees… Continue Reading →

New Harem GameLit Release: The Frontier Tavern & The Master Crafter

A talking tree, three exquisite ladies, and a mission to save the universe. Abandoned in a hyper realistic realm, Maverick bonds with a familiar. The walking tree grows over the years, sprouting a shed, then a one story inn, and… Continue Reading →

Harem Trilogy Complete: Storms Rising: A Pirate LitRPG Adventure (Lost Pirates Book 3)

If any of you like pirates in your harem, I got you covered 😉 Also time travel and crafting. Jamie Hawke One man with a device to control time, a team of hot pirate ladies, and his gun. Will it… Continue Reading →

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