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New Harem Space Opera Release: Warhawk’s Amnesty

One week. Just one more week. Inmate 5313 reached the end of his sentence after ten grueling years. That is, until the wrong question led to a beating with an inclusive stay in the fridge. Before the badges manage to… Continue Reading →

New Harem GameLit Release: The Adventures of Furman Simms

“Guns, babes, action, humor… this book is entertaining as hell!”Isaac Hooke, best selling author of Battle Harem and Breaker. An attempted hit leaves galactic bounty hunter Furman Simms without a ship. No ship means no work. A mysterious tip points… Continue Reading →

New Harem Audiobook Release: Descend – First Steps, Book 1

Boredom was killing Jay, not in a dramatic way, but in the life of stifled potential way. He wanted more out of life. Then, without any warning, he found himself part of an experiment with not even so much as… Continue Reading →

New Tess Irondale Audiobook Release: My Ninja Girl: Volume I

Contains books one and two of My Ninja Girl for a single credit, an action-packed harem adventure series where cultivation and cyberpunk collide. My Ninja Girl, book one Killer nuns. With gatling guns. Micah Regent is a pre-med student in Neo-Hokkaido,… Continue Reading →

Grab Eudora By the Bundle

I made a bundle on Artstation so you can grab Eudora’s stories and artwork in a single place. One click! Or two, I don’t know. Whatever the number of clicks, it’s low. Get it on Artstation And if you grab… Continue Reading →

Get Artwork and HaremLit Stories on a Winter Sale

There’s a sale until 27th of January on the Artstation marketplace. You can find the following products for 50% off: Bundle of Gorgocutie Artwork Bundle of Tushy Reaper Stories (eBooks and 3D Artwork) Bundle of Pickle Pie, Cherry Pie and… Continue Reading →

New Harem GameLit Release: My Ninja Girl 3

A bunch of big a** mechas? Okay! The tensions rise as Micah Regent and his many magnificent mavens of melee and mayhem keep sticking it to the Society of Monks currently in charge of Neo-Hokkaido. Only this time they have… Continue Reading →

New Harem Audiobook Release: Pox Americana 1: A Post-Apocalyptic Pulp Men’s Adventure

Being the last man on Earth has its advantages… After waking up from a military experiment gone horribly wrong, Nick Dekko discovers that he’s the last man on Earth. If that wasn’t bad enough, he’s trapped inside a military base,… Continue Reading →

New Harem GameLit Release: Man Made God 003

GAME ON! Aris has come out of cryosleep. She begins her rehabilitation IRL and also begins playing Age of Gods. While she is leveling up to leave the Village of Beginnings, Adam and his party enter the ruins of a… Continue Reading →

Futagen Stories on a Christmas Kindle Countdown Deal

Here’s some Futagen fun on a countdown deal: Countdown deals Scheduled: 24 Dec – 31 Parasite Girls: Akakia 1 Parasite Girls Box Set: Akakia 1-5 Amazon COM Cyber Girls: Influencer 8 Space Girls: Saturna 3. Tank Girls: Platina 1 25… Continue Reading →

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