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Get HaremLit Art and Stories on the St. Patrick’s Sale

A pinup of Gorgocutie. I kept teasing her that St. Patrick will drive her snakes away. She got drunk during the shoot, but she’ll never admit it. As a special St. Patrick’s Day Promo you can get this picture on… Continue Reading →

Collect This Waifu: Hawke’s Monster Girls

Enjoy the fun images from author Jamie Hawke! After working on Marvel and other games and traveling the world, Jamie Hawke decided to settle down and write fun, quirky, and sexy pulp science fiction and superhero books. You’ll find his… Continue Reading →

Grab Eudora By the Bundle

I made a bundle on Artstation so you can grab Eudora’s stories and artwork in a single place. One click! Or two, I don’t know. Whatever the number of clicks, it’s low. Get it on Artstation And if you grab… Continue Reading →

Collect this Waifu: Dainty Feet

Dainty Feet Dainty Feet caters to her foot-worshipping fans. They love watching her streams where she scrubs her feet or paints her toenails, providing the income she needs to pay off her paramone contract. She wouldn’t have any chance by… Continue Reading →

Get the Valentine’s Sale on Artstation

There is a lot to love about our ArtStation Marketplace Valentine’s Day Sale! Get up to 50% off on George Saoulidis’ bundles. Don’t wait too long; the sale ends on February 17th.⁠ Bundle of Tushy Reaper Stories (eBooks and 3D… Continue Reading →

Get Artwork and HaremLit Stories on a Winter Sale

There’s a sale until 27th of January on the Artstation marketplace. You can find the following products for 50% off: Bundle of Gorgocutie Artwork Bundle of Tushy Reaper Stories (eBooks and 3D Artwork) Bundle of Pickle Pie, Cherry Pie and… Continue Reading →

Get the Christmas Cyberpink Bundle!

Blood Runs Pink Rollerball meets GLOW in this bloody mess of a sport story. When a bankrupt armourer ends up owning a second-rate jugger player, he decides to go for it. But will he manage to even turn a profit, when he knows… Continue Reading →

Get the Tushy Reaper Bundle on Christmas Sale

Dead GorgeousWhen a professional dronehunter dies from an electrocution accident, he meets his Reaper face to face. Turns out she’s quite cute, inexperienced and has a magnificent tushy. To both their surprise he doesn’t really die that day, so they… Continue Reading →

Cyberpink Stories and Artwork Bundle

We made a big bundle of all Cyberpink stories and all the artwork. It’s available on Artstation. Find it here. Blood Runs Pink Rollerball meets GLOW in this bloody mess of a sport story. When a bankrupt armourer ends up owning a second-rate… Continue Reading →

Harem Artist Highlight: Diogo Mané

Illustrator at Zone Comics, from Portugal. You can see his illustrations inside Vampire Sorcerer from Alex Itsios and Stephen Landry.

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