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Free HaremLit Audiobook For a Limited Time: Cyber Girls Box Set: Influencer

This is a digitally narrated audiobook. When her follow count drops dramatically, a cyborg influencer stumbles on an offer for a new and unique gimmick and decides to go for it. But will she manage to get the prosthetic, when… Continue Reading →

New Harem GameLit Release: Parasite Girls: Akakia

When an innocent student gets infected with a parasite from outer space, she struggles with accepting her new reality. Will she manage to keep on living her life with her roommates and her university, when her sex drive is going… Continue Reading →

Reverse Harem GameLit Highlight: Katarina: The One Goddess (Book 1)

An orphan. A deity. And a kiss that breaks hell loose.‚ÄčAnd it was a scorching hot kiss, too. My name is Katarina. Last week I was stuck in a dead-end life with a soul-sucking government job as my only future…. Continue Reading →

Reverse Harem GameLit Highlight: Digital Hearts: The Haunted Society

Welcome to a future where your heart can be the ultimate prize. Lisbeth is an skilled monster hunter in a era of virtual digital games. When it comes to dating, who has the time? When she is invited to a… Continue Reading →

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