Gather an escort. Acquire a dragon hoard. Build an empire…

Steven Drokharis knew that embracing his destiny as one of the most powerful Dragonsouls to ever live would be difficult, but he had no idea that he’d be pushed to his very limits.

Ten days after rescuing Aria and ending the life of an insane Dragonskin, Steven and his escort find themselves going toe-to-toe with Rhaegen Mulk – the deadly Dragonsoul responsible for the death of Steven’s parents. And Rhaegen Mulk doesn’t fight fair. He will pull out all the stops to end Steven before he can grow his escort and establish a primacy of his own. If Steven is going to win, he’ll need to level up his skills as a Dragonsoul, discover the next volume of forbidden Drokharis magic, and make friends with an ancient, half-mad Dragonsoul, who may be even more dangerous than Mulk.

Now it’s time to hit back. Hard. Mulk and his lackeys are about to learn an important lesson: Steven doesn’t fight fair either….

Disclaimer: Cheyenne Magic (American Dragons series, Book 2) is a plup, shoot-em-up, action adventure, urban fantasy novel which is not intended for fans under the age of 18. This novel contains swearing, violence, and a harem of beautiful shapeshifting women that the hero regularly sleeps with – and he does so gladly.

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