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New promotion option: Inclusion in the Free Starting Library.

Add your book in the free starting library, the reward readers get for joining the mailing list. Contact us at contact@haremgamelitbooks.com.


Book that is a series starter. No standalone books will be accepted. Series needs to have >=2 books published.

We need a high-res version of the cover and a download link. Best service for the download is Bookfunnel. You can also use Storyorigin for a free alternative. You’re in charge of the link and making sure it’s active. We will not host any book files other than the cover.

Purchase of this option is $99 and lasts for 1 year.


Your giveaway goes to actual haremlit readers. As with any loss leader, it’s best to have a funnel so they can carry on reading. Our readers are voracious and they will hunt down other books if they like your free snack.

Maximum impressions. Everyone checks out the free starting library, even if they don’t end up reading it. Everyone.

Long-term promotion. As with our other methods, this is yet another long-term strategy that trickles in readers.

Find it here https://haremgamelitbooks.com/submit/

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  • This reply was modified 2 months, 3 weeks ago by admin.