Killer nuns. With gatling guns.

Micah Regent is a pre-med student in Neo-Hokkaido, just hoping his snarky grandmother’s prayer can help him pass an exam.

When two sexy ninja girl statues come to life before his very eyes and start fighting each other, his life will never be the same.

Drawn into a rebel faction by an old friend and his less-than-perfect luck, Micah must not only defy the iron-handed, bucket-headed Society of Monks (and killer nuns), he must uncover the secrets behind the ninja girls and the industria that not only runs the world, but through his veins.

You already know he’s going to save the day, so the real question is: how many ninja girls can he marry along the way?

Cultivation and cyberpunk collide in this action-packed harem adventure by Gideon Caldwell, Amazon bestselling author of Dungeon Goddess.

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