Twenty years after Artificial Intelligence was nearly mankind’s last invention, a ruthless mega-corporation steps over legal and ethical boundaries…

Alex Sage was a typical college student trying to keep his grades up when an automated semi accident killed his parents and sent a damaged major sections of his brain. With no next of kin, and in an almost-vegetative state, Apollo Technologies implanted a next-gen quantum computer into his brain – one running illegal bleeding edge AI code.

With fear of AI still high, and rampant anti-augmentation sentiments, Alex is now the pet project of a tech mogul who can pull him offline at any time. Getting out from under the thumb of the megacorp is going to take all of his human creativity and quantum processing power – and the help of beautiful mercenaries and back-alley deals with criminal enterprises.

Keeping himself safe and his secrets hidden will require Alex to discover where his lines are, and if he’s willing to cross them.

Disclaimer: This series features an anti-hero protagonist and does not shy away from complicated relationships. Alex is the central figure in modern multiple partner / polyamorous relationships and does not fade to black. For 18+ readers but the spicy bits are clearly tagged and skippable if that’s not your thing..

Entangled Fates uses a hard sci-fi approach to explore the near-future journey toward the neon-soaked cyberpunk of tomorrow, as well as some of the early, but likely, missteps around artificial intelligence.

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