In a shared universe of the Myth Protector and Stone Cold Mage, Jamie Hawke brings you Myths and Gargoyles!
Grab the 6-book collection of both completed series today!

These books come together in the Masters of the Monsterverse stories, so be sure not to miss these epics series!

The first part of the boxed set:

Protect the Fairy Tales. Choose your class and level up stats. Form bonds with your ladies!

As they fight a war of good and evil in our world, the Fairy Tales need a protector.

All I wanted to do was take a break from college to check out LegendFest, some good ol’ cosplay, and maybe find a lady to hit it off with. You never know, right?

My life took a new direction, though, when I found out myths like Red Riding Hood are real, and they’re in an ongoing war against evil to save us all. More than that, they are being hunted, mistaken as humanity’s enemy. They need a mortal to serve as their protector, someone to keep them out of harm’s way while leading the battle against the likes of the Big Bad Wolf, Baba Yaga, and other evil legends.

Now, I am that protector.

It’s a tough job, but it’s everything I’ve ever dreamed of. Even more so when Red and some of the other ladies show interest in me in more ways than just my ability to wield a magic blade.

Myth Protector includes:
Myth Protector
Dark Legends
Mystic Guardians

Then the second part of the boxed set:

I’d always been special, but never knew it.

Then I go to stay at my aunt’s while starting college, and she’s killed because of me, her home invaded by demons, and I learn there is so much more going on in the world than I could have ever understood.

Throw in a couple of gargoyles and me unlocking an ancient path to insane amounts of magic, and you have my story.

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Be careful, though, as it’s not for the prude at heart.

Stone Cold Mage includes:
Stone Cold Mage
Of Witches and Gargoyles
They Come at Night

Set in the shared Hawke Universe, Myth Protector and Stone Cold Mage tell one half of the story that accompanies that of the Monsterverse–and of the heroes and villains fight in secret all around us.

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