Harem Series Complete: Prayer of the Fallen: A Monster Girl Harem Fantasy (Celestine Chronicles Book 6)

“We are all monsters here …”

Celestine is a land of beauty and horror where the heroic souls of men are tempted to fall from heights mere mortals were never meant to attain.

Terrence Mack has managed to survive in this brutal world, gathering bonds of great power and ability, passing trials and tribulations that would crush lesser men. Yet his own unwillingness to let others share his burdens may be his undoing, and his greatest challenges are yet to come.

To even reach his destiny, Terry must once again cross the Wildervast, a dream world where desires rule fate. He must survive the machinations of the Mother of Monsters, satisfy the Mistress of Weavers, and come face to face with a man who surpasses him in every way.

His enemy has lived for thousands of years, risen to virtual godhood whilst bent on destroying the world. Terry promised to end that threat, yet the sacrifices he’s made have left him vulnerable and the greatest threat to his ultimate success may lie not within the Dust Lord … but himself.

Warning: This book does not pan to waving curtains and fade to black. Those uninterested or under the age of eighteen are strongly warned of explicit content.

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