The Supers: Ex Heroes series is COMPLETE! Book 8 brings their adventures to a close. Sigh… Hope you love it!

Jamie Hawke

The final fight to save our universe has begun.

Breaker broke out of a supervillain space prison, starting his journey to Elder of the Citadel.

He formed his team, starting with Charm and Twitch, watching as his brother rose up with his own team.

He defeated supervillains galore, all while fighting an enemy from another dimension.

Now he has gone into that dimension with the goal of ending it once and for all. Destroy the enemy’s ability to crossover, and the war will be won.

But nothing is as it seems.

Will Breaker and his wives be able to put an end to the enemy’s influence? Will Charm fulfil her destiny of becoming the Kitsune? Will Laurel’s revelation impact their success?

As their plans unravel, they better figure out a new path forward, or watch the universe burn.


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