Your favorite obsessed Half-Angel got her own book!
Not a lot of harem franchises give their heroines their own novellas, but we’re going there! In this scintillating prequel to Incubus RA Part 1, find out what Imara was doing leading up to her first steamy night with John Cutter, the budding Incubus Lord himself. Why was she so obsessed with him? What was her relationship like with the other girls before the series began? Who is Imara’s mysterious mother? And just what is it like inside the head of a borderline yandere Half-Angel obsessed with a boy with demon blood?

In addition, readers will gain more insights into the machinations of Horcross City and its many interesting inhabitants. Any sales of this book will subsidize the already-in-progress audiobook edition!

WARNING: This whole franchise is full of sticky fun time, and Imara does a lot of stalkerish self-loving.
Clocking in at 25,000 words, this book is shorter than the first book, and due to being available on a more private platform for my supporters for free, this one will not be available on KU.

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