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New Andrea Parsneau Audiobook Release: Dan the Warlord

About those plumes of dark smoke on the horizon and the faint yet terrible roaring in the distance… DAN THE WARLORD is finally available in audio! Performed by the superb Andrea Parsneau, this epic conclusion to Dan’s four-book saga boils over with apocalyptic battles, dark prophecies coming to fruition, sexy monster girls, and sweet, sweet revenge. Grab your bloody maul and join the horde!

Hondo Jinx

Cut class. Kick ass. Save the frigging world.

Dan fought hard to win the throne. He’ll need to fight even harder to keep it. 

When two armies descend upon the Wildervast, Dan must gather a barbarian horde to defend his lands, his people, and his wives. Meanwhile, an artifact of great power rekindles an ancient conflict within his own fortress. Then, as war rages within and without, the wicked, all-powerful succubus queen threatens to replace Dan’s crown with a slave collar. 

With staggering challenges, fiery new wives, and everything on the line, Dan the Warlord is the epic conclusion of the Gold, Girls, and Glory series. 

Warning: Dan the Warlord is an over-the-top adventure novel intended for listeners 18 and older. It includes explicit sex, graphic violence, a harem of gorgeous ass-kicking girls, an extremely evil artifact, horny monster girls, a horde of foul-mouthed barbarians, and a succubus queen bent on making Dan her pet. Listen at your own risk. 

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