The fairy tale Protector has teamed up with Red Riding Hood, the Big Bad Wolf, Pucky, and the Swan Princess. Who’s next?

Morganna and Arthur have returned – and Morganna’s lust for power leads my fairy tale ladies and me on a high stakes chase across the globe. Crazy escapades in the tombs of Egypt… Fights in Italy… Magic in Stonehenge… There’s no telling where this fight will lead us next.

Luckily, with Excalibur at my side and my team fighting with me, I might just stand a chance of saving the world.

Note from the author: It gets saucy. We have fun on the streets and even more in the sheets, so you might not want to hear my tale if sexy fun scares you more than witches and ghouls. If you’re a fan of Once Upon a Time or Fables/Wolf Among Us but also enjoy harem and the spice of life, this book’s for you.
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