David Drake was what some people call a hero once: a marine who served his country. Not any longer. Having lost a fiancĂ©, his family, and his career, there isn’t much left for him to celebrate when Christmas rolls around. The street is a harsh place to live. All he has left is a sense of honor that is lurking under all the hurt in his soul.

Fate guides him into stumbling over a small group of women in danger. He acts on instinct to rescue them. Suddenly he finds himself in a situation where he never expected to be again: with people who might give a damn whether he lives or dies.

What can you do when someone shows they care? Can the course of an entire life be changed? Perhaps: but so will the lives of anyone around him who tries to connect with him. Where will Drake’s path to redemption lead him? He must have the inner strength to follow the path and find out.

===== Fair Warning =====
This is a Christmas themed story, so be ready for it to tug on your heartstrings a little. Along with some wonderful holiday sentiments, get ready for a little action, danger and tension. That… and some intense, erotic scenes with harem elements, light BDSM play and elf costumes.

For the entertainment of adults only!

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