Gideon Caldwell is a less than successful indie author barely making ends meet in his crummy basement apartment in New Haven, Connecticut, when a beautiful woman mysteriously appears at his doorstep.  

Beautiful, mysterious, AND naked…. 

And also in trouble.  

Without much of a choice, Gideon’s life is forever changed. Cue sexy-psychic shifters babes, private military agents, hardass metal-vampire babes, government conspiracy, several shower scenes, epic fisticuffs, and even an artist-teleporter named Dorian Gray…who is also a total babe. It’s an epic ride you WON’T want to miss!  

Cherry Blossom Girls Box Set 
Written by Harmon Cooper 
Narrated by Justin Thomas James 
Featuring Jeff Hays as Angel, Michelle, Luke Lyrian, and other characters 
Laurie Catherine Winkel as Veronique, Dorian, and other female characters 
And Annie Ellicott as Grace, Stella, and other female characters

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