Gulnash the Betrayer is coming to Old Ironbound, and he’s coming for blood!

Ymir just wanted to finish his second year, craft the next Akkiric Ring, and enjoy the summer in the company of his beautiful women. But Old Ironbound has been chosen as the location of the orc blood games, and all the ruling families of the surrounding kingdoms have come to make sure the worst scourge of the Blood Steppes, Gulnash, loses his life on the pit sands. If Ymir can win the day, the three major cities of the Blood Steppes are his by right.

But Ymir’s summer isn’t all just about rogue orcs. A woman, long dead, haunts the halls, filled with a lust that defies imagination. A damaged mermaid princess is causing trouble, but this time, it’s sexy trouble. And the leaders of the Midnight Guild finally reveal themselves…and strike!

Ymir has never faced bigger challenges, and he’ll have to brave new enemies and find new allies in a battle royale that will be both bloodier and more erotic than ever before.

Disclaimer: Barbarian Gladiator is a steamy, slice-of-life, harem adventure in a magic university on another world. The story burns slow and hot, as hot as the depraved women in Ymir’s life. The sex scenes are explicit. You’ve been warned. Enter a brand-new world from Aaron Crash, the best-selling author of the American Dragon series.

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