Card Mage: Academy Rebels audio book is ready for your naked ears! The talented and amazing Sierra Kline has lent her beautiful voice to this epic book of magic, cards, friendships and adventure!

Eden Redd

“Heroes of Kinarth stick together,” Dax said with a small smile. 

Dax has dreamed of becoming a mage and joining the Kinarth Academy of Champions. When he is accepted, he believes he has what it takes to be one of the best among a new wave of heroic champions. 

The one thing he didn’t know about himself was his slow, spell casting ability. 

Ridiculed by his fellow champions, the new mage sees that he may not have what it takes to become a true champion. With the threat of losing his chance to further learn at the academy, Dax will discover a new kind of magic, one that will change the academy forever. 

Will Dax and his friends come together as many in the academy want his new kind of magic? Can Dax unravel dark secrets from within his own group of friends? Will the mage become the champion he always felt he was meant to be? 

Card Mage: Academy Rebels is for mature listeners, 18 and up.

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