The road to the Olympics is a long path. The challenges are varied. It takes money. It takes effort. Some luck. More than anything else, it takes belief. In yourself and those you care about.

Daniel has found a small team of athletes worth believing in. Now, he needs to find the answers to the rest of it. They’ll put in the blood, sweat, and tears to get themselves ready. It will be on him to clear the way. But he can’t predict the future. He can’t see what might arise to complicate their lives.

Which meant…he’d simply have to be ready for anything. Because the only absolute certainty was that he can’t give up. He owed it to them. And to himself.

Fair warning! This novel contains intensely explicit erotic scenes with harem and light BDSM elements amidst the rest of the drama. 

For the entertainment of adults only! 

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