A normal, if not rebellious, human, Cameron Dupree has spent the last three years finding his way through a school of the rich and powerful…literally.

He’s surrounded by the supernatural cream of the crop: children of alpha werewolves, banshees with ties to the United Nations, a faerie princess from another realm of reality, and a teenage succubus who might be the scariest, and sexiest, of them all. Everything is going as great as can be for a vanilla human…until one misstep lands him in trouble with a noble of the Unseelie Fae. Caught between the wrath of a Fae Court and the desire of a Succubus Cabal, Cam must fight to survive, and figure out he might not be that normal after all. 

Courts and Cabals contains adult situations and supernatural creatures that generally treat humans like s#!t. It’s intended for a mature audience.

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