Expand your territory. Defeat your rivals. Satisfy your monster girls!

Raiders Guild crushed, Clay can finally relax and spend his time clearing the pesky monsters from around his dungeon.

But when a routine zombie bash uncovers a sinister new danger, Clay and his guardians find themselves locked in battle with a rival dungeon lord who really, really hates Lord Rathokhetra.

As the battle unfolds, Clay discovers there’s a lot more to being a dungeon lord than taking territory and crushing adventurers. If he is to survive, he must master new tactics, stop threats from beyond this world, and keep his growing army of monster girls satisfied.

If he succeeds, Clay may become the most powerful dungeon lord to ever live.

But if he fails, all of reality will die with him.

Get the latest installment of the Dungeon Bringer saga now for your daily requirements of awesome battles, abominable villains, and deadly monster girls!

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