Elves are the undisputed masters of the world. Sun Elf Kings rule with impunity. Moon Elf squires and servants are their right hands. Sea and Forest Elves roam the wilds, both protecting the lesser races while keeping them properly in line. Even Dark Elves, feared and hated by their own brethren, are considered superior in every way. 

From the earliest time of his life, Ajax was granted the dubious honor to be trained as a “mud-knight”, a human granted privileges and treated with small scraps of honor in exchange for helping defend his Elf King’s realms from orcs and other monster invaders. But when he learns his King intends to unlock dangerous magic by killing a helpless soul, the knight casts aside his vows of servitude, steals away the enslaved soul, and becomes an errant roaming the land in hopes of setting that soul free. 

But his King is not the only one who craves this power, and there are other Sun Elf Kings who are just as merciless. Ajax’s only hope for salvation is to gain the trust and support from the last people who he ever thought he would ask: other elves. The only way they will survive is to embrace the trust, devotion, and love that builds between them. 

And even that might not be enough when the anger of Kings has been roused.

This full-length novel contains fantasy-style action, adventure, magic, and violence. There are also explicit scenes of descriptive sex, which includes harem elements and all sorts of naughtiness. 

For the entertainment of adults only!

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