It has been months but the Guardian Craft Audio book is live! The talented Valentina Ortiz narrates the first book in the series and she has done an amazing job! I’m so happy for the result. Please listen and review, would love to see your thoughts.

Eden Redd

The world is dying and Will couldn’t care less.

Will Asher thought he was going to spend his last days in a cell thinking about the one bad thing he ever did in his life. When he is tapped to be the first human to undergo a special experiment, he accepts knowing full well it could be the end of this life and a beginning to a new one.

When he wakes in a new digital world, he finds himself struggling to defend against strange creatures and the elements while surviving the virtual environment. The player will have to overcome the odds as he fights against mythical monsters, find mysterious allies and uncover a mystical journey that will have implications across the multiverse.

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