Chris Graves’s performance here is phenomenal. Arden, Nola, and the girls of Halcyon are lucky to have him on their team.

Stone Thomas

How to survive when the god of war wants to destroy you and everyone you’ve ever met? Probably hide, really really well. What did I do? Become head priest of the most beautiful, irritating, quick-thinking, mind-reading, mildly sarcastic goddess I could trip over in the woods, then tell the war god to his face that I was gonna wipe up the pantheon with his ugly mug.

Now I’m seeking divine intervention from gods in neighboring cities, fending off a parade of unwanted guests, and racing to build this temple into a wallsy, towersy, fortressy, badass city with defenses for days – before the war god’s newest recruits can blow this place to kingdom come.

Thankfully, I have the girls to help me. They’re the first family I’ve ever known, and I won’t let the war god take them from me as long as I’m still alive. Which, I admit, may not be much longer…

Warning: This book has no gimmicky warnings, just nonstop save-the-world action, tons of cool new skills to unlock, and me working my ass off to keep my growing city full of beautiful girls.

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