James Rearden knew what he was: A career officer dedicated to advancing in the Royal Australian Navy to the ranks of Command. He has already enjoyed his time in charge of a patrol ship, and believes himself well situated to take his place among the captains of the country’s larger warships. But a political foe changes his destiny and diverts him to a duty for which he is ill-suited, hoping he will fail.

James isn’t one to accept failure. And as it turns out, the new assignment is both intellectually challenging and with an unexpectedly pleasant feature of working with people he admires in many ways. While his career might be stalled, at least he might make a difference helping a scientist to achieve her dream.

On the eve of her success, a religious zealot disrupts the process and threatens to destroy them all. What followed…no one could have expected. Forced into a journey that James would never have expected to find outside a work of science fiction, him and the small group of survivors will need to use every tool and technique at their disposal to stay alive…and hopefully, find their way home.

Note: This full-length novel contains science fiction and military style action, adventure, science, and violence. There are also explicit scenes of descriptive sex, which includes harem elements and all sorts of naughtiness. For the entertainment of adults only!

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