Nate Ellison’s just an ordinary, average college student trying to make the grade in Southern California.

Well, definitely not ordinary…and totally not average.

You see, Nate’s a Troman – a nearly seven-foot-tall guy who’s half war troll, half human – and he’s working undercover as part of a secret government project, the Monster Exchange Program, to investigate crimes that involve the occult.

Once on campus, Nate tries to lay low, struggling to navigate college life while also unraveling a mystery involving the disappearance of several beautiful co-eds. If he misses a clue, it could threaten the entire planet.

No pressure, right? All Nate has to do to defeat the bad guys and save the world is harness powers he never knew he possessed, kick the crap out of demons – and find a way to satisfy a small army of sorority chicks.

Contains mature themes.

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