A dystopic action-adventure novel!  

Kyle has evolved from the person he once was, but his purpose remains the same: to find himself in a world that seems ready to chew him up and spit him out. 

There are people who are intent on killing him – not only for what he knows, but for what he is. Even worse, the people who have tried to help Kyle, and who he has come to care about deeply, are equally in danger. He will never let them get hurt. Which means, he has to do something.  

But their enemy doesn’t seem to have a face. Is it the government? A part of the government? Or some shadow organization clinging to the outskirts pretending to be official? 

Kyle and his lovers need to know what they are up against. That means searching for proof that will convince the real authorities of the truth, clear Kyle’s name, and maybe stop this encroaching evil before they get too powerful to be stopped.  

Kyle doesn’t know if he is the only one searching for the truth. All that he knows is that these people are trying to terrify him into silence, run him down, and kill him. But he is unwilling to back down from the challenge. If they want to mess with him, then he’s going to spit into their faces and dare them to do their worst. Because he…well, he will do his worst right back at them. 

Fair warning: This book is the next leap taken by the characters into a dystopic future as it continues to crumble. There will be violence, emotional turmoil, dark subject matter, and some intense, highly erotic scenes that include harem elements, light BDSM play, and lots of sexy fun. For the entertainment of adults only!

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