Jamie Hawke:

BIG NEWS – SUPERHERO DAY is April 28! To celebrate and lead up to that, I’ve put Psychobitches and Ex Gods into a boxset for you and made it INSANELY CHEAP (6 books for 99c), and I’ll have a nice gift for you all on the special day.

Why? Because I love you, and want to ensure there are no excuses. I don’t want anyone to miss out on these books that I love so much. So enjoy. Get in there and read and have a BLAST!

In a shared universe of the Supers: Ex Gods and Psychobitches, Jamie Hawke brings you Gods and Psychos!

Grab the 6-book collection of both completed series today!

These books come together in the Supers world along with Ex Heroes, so be sure not to miss these epics series!

The first part of the boxed set:

A Marine in space, three hot super ladies, and an army of supervillains out to get them.

All I wanted to do was have some R&R from my time in space with the Marine Corps. My tour was done, my days fighting bad guys over once and for all…

Or so I thought. But damn was I wrong. So f–king wrong.

Imagine being pulled through a portal to another universe–a universe of superheroes and villains.

That’s what happened to me. There I was, standing on a spaceship with this gorgeous superhero telling me I would soon have the power to change it all, to once and for all fight off the evil forces threatening to enslave our galaxy and that of the supers who brought the message.

Just sit back, strap in, and enjoy the ride.

Supers: Ex Gods includes:

  • Ex Gods 1
  • Ex Gods 2
  • Ex Gods 3

Then the second part of the boxed set:

The most feared bounty hunter in the Oram system is about to bite off more than he can chew. Wait, no, it’s the perfect amount, and it’s delicious.

Nothing stands in my way when it’s time to take in a mark. Only, this time things didn’t go as planned. This time, as I was delivering my criminals to be placed in the Abaddon Asylum, everything fell apart when an uprising tore down the system and led to my ship exploding before I could get out of there.

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Now it’s up to me and some sexy lady allies (and then some!) I’ve teamed up with along the way to put things right. But we’re not just going to stop the uprising. Our mission goes much deeper than that, into the planet itself where all manner of horrors await.

Oh, and we call ourselves the Psychobitches. And yeah, I f@cking own it like a crown.

Psychobitches, AKA ‘Tear it Up’ includes:

  • Psychobitches
  • Psychoworld
  • Psychoverse

Set in the shared Hawke Universe, Supers: Ex Gods and Psychobitches tell one half of the story that accompanies that of the Supers: Ex Heroes–and of the superheroes and villains who fight for the survival of our universe.

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