Exploring space. Going on crazy missions. Having fun with the rest of the crew.

Kane always had the big dream of exploring the whole universe. Ever since his father died, and left him his old diaries, he can’t shake off that feeling that he’s wasting his life away. Tired of working in the mines, he runs away from his home planet by catching a ride on a carrier.

A few hours after arriving in the shiny New Vegas spaceport, he saves the rude and yet extremely captivating captain Amelia from three goons working for Draken, one of the five warlords of the galaxy.

What Kane never expected was to end up on Amelia’s ship where Matilda, a blue-haired genius, and Jessy, a blonde with nice legs and a thing for medical experiments, also live.

But that’s not all! He also has to deal with a green-eyed serial killer who has a thing for him and knows exactly how to push his buttons.

Follow Kane’s journey as he goes on missions throughout all the universe, has lots of fun with all the girls, and makes sure Draken doesn’t catch up to them.

Space Fun is a new harem series by Dave Austin. It contains several elements of space exploration and space battles with themes of alpha male dominance, harem romance, and MF scenes! 18+ only!

This version has been proofread and edited.

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