New Harem Countdown Deal: Ghost Story (The Accidental Necromancer Book 1)

Hi. My name is Will. Apparently, I’m a necromancer.

You would think that I might be a little bit more certain about something like that. Magical practitioners apparently go through a lot of training in an apprenticeship. Again with the apparently. In this case ‘apparently’ is completely appropriate because I didn’t do any of that.

I was finally ready to renovate my house, so I was in a pinch for an apartment. I ended up in one that had a bunch of weird reviews. I did say I was in a pinch. It turned out that the apartment had a ghost. I sort of …uh… well, maybe you should take a seat. I have quite a story to tell.

I should warn you first – since my divorce, my social life has been rather…unconventional. By that I mean, I have more than one lady in my life. I have a friend that is a madame. I keep getting chased by zombies. One of my girlfriends likes to be tied up. My story is a slice of life, so I’m afraid you’re going to get a fairly significant amount of detail on my sex life while I struggle to get my brain wrapped around what it means to be a necromancer.

If you’re likely to be offended by descriptions of sex, harem-like relationships, prostitution, the IT business, genatalia, project management, showering, domestic violence, cooking, going to the bathroom, women trash-talking each other, and probably about 150 things that I’ve become inured to…

…go have a good life somewhere else.

If you’re not worried about any of that, then pull up a chair.

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2 thoughts on “New Harem Countdown Deal: Ghost Story (The Accidental Necromancer Book 1)

  1. Great Para Urban Harem which is heavy on the slice of life but well done. That has been out for a while but and there is now a book 2 which is out on amazon. The only issue is like other books with large harems is that by the 3-4 books you are left wondering when the story will move again like in the first book and lose interest in reading more. So far the author has not let me down in his last series so here is hopes that by the time i read thought the send that I want to read the next for story and not JUST the XXX bits.


    1. Great, thanks for the feedback! I’m hearing nice things about this author, so on he goes to my TBR pile.

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