Kyroo is a vast world to which many species call home. A mysterious curse rapidly sprawls forth every night as the twin moons vanish behind a curtain of eternal darkness. The unknown magic is raising demons from the depths of the planet that are praying on the unsuspecting. The Kyroo Kingdom is struggling to understand what has transpired as maps, texts, and many memories are now blank.

Logan loves the quiet farm life, even the endless hard work. The young man has a natural skill and passion for all things archery. As the curse affects his family, Logan thirsts for knowledge about what is happening and leaves his farm. He journeys to Narree where he meets Riya; a farm girl just as determined and resolute to adventure as Logan is. They decide to brave the curse, fight the demons of the night, and help by redrawing lost maps. Join them as they explore, fight, and navigate the world of Kyroo.

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