CONTENT WARNING: Awesomely graphic sex and violence!

Welcome to Book 3 of the series that one reader says is like “Conan epic-level D&D with sex.” Golly, he won’t be disappointed in Billy’s latest adventure as he and his mighty harem of warrior women embark on a quest to save Audelia the Zer-Kali battle maiden’s homelands from its impending doom.

But that’s not all! Witness the shocking return of one of Billy’s most deadly foes! Watch as the barbarian from Wisconsin survives a harrowing mystical/medical ordeal! Stand by and gape in astonishment as the powers of Billy and his companions continue to grow! What will the brilliant mind behind Billy the Barbarian think of next?! Only time will tell!

If you enjoy the adventures of Billy and other fast-paced fantasy adventures geared toward adult men, check out Virgil Knightley’s author page every two weeks! You won’t be disappointed!

CAUTION: Read this book only if you enjoy d&d style adventures, dark bronze age fantasy, violent action sequences, exquisitely described sex scenes, and the occasional cuss word or two! You’ve been warned!

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