CONTENT WARNING: This has graphic content far more frequent than what might normally be expected of a harem fantasy novella.

John Cutter has been forced to take a job managing the dormitories of his alma mater, Mythstone University, after graduating just a few months ago with a degree in Elven Literature. Things were pretty boring for him until the blood powers of his distant Incubus heritage start to awaken within him, giving him supernatural charm among other powers and perks.

Suddenly, he can’t keep up with all the women throwing themselves at him as his powers start to grow. To make things even more complicated, a gold dragon gets involved, challenging him to a crazy duel, and things are looking pretty dire indeed! How will our hero survive the onslaught of dragonfire and coed affections? Find out yourself in Incubus R.A. Part 1!

Warning: This is more erotica than fantasy adventure. Go in knowing this, please!

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