They want it all, and they want it right now.

Steven Drokharis has built an empire that stretches across the United States and around the world. He seems unstoppable—a force of nature and a creature of wrath.

But now, he’ll have to deal with something deadlier than enemies … Dragonsoul allies. Exiled from America and on the run, Steven and his escort of beautiful women will have to unravel the secrets of the past to save their future.

Friends will become enemies, enemies friends, and century-old feuds will bleed anew in this fifth exciting installment of the bestselling American Dragons series.

From Aaron Crash, the bestselling Author of War God’s Mantle, comes the fifth installment in the epic American Dragons series! 

Disclaimer: California Imperium (American Dragons Book 5) is a shoot-em-up, action adventure, urban fantasy novel which is not intended for readers under the age of 18. This novel contains swearing, violence, and a harem of beautiful shapeshifting women that the hero regularly sleeps with—and he does so gladly.

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