It’s been seven days since the demons invaded.

Seven days since they set the world on fire and put humanity on a fast track to extinction.

Now, the girls and I are shooting across a war-torn landscape in our Black Hawk, headed for what’s left of Reston, Virginia. Our mission: retrieve vital intel buried somewhere deep behind enemy lines—intel we’re going to use for one hell of a world-wide counterattack.

I’m hopeful we can pull this off, but I’m not delusional. The enemy will outnumber us by the millions the moment our boots hit the ground, which practically guarantees some or all of us won’t be coming back.

Suicide mission or not, we’ve got to try.

We’ve got to take back our planet while there’s still something left to take back.

Mission update to follow. Standby for the next transmission at 2100 hours.

This is Captain Isaac Williams, Force-Recon, signing off.

Warning: Yeah, this book has a harem warning. If you’re not sure what that means or aren’t old enough to vote (i.e. be 18+), you should move along, otherwise the lack of fade-to-black, ensuing relationships, and language contained within might offend your sensibilities.

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