Zahn believed that magic existed. He even knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that leftover relics of magic existed in the world. He owned a few, after all. But he always considered himself a rational sort of guy. When he went on “relic-dives” to uncover lost magic, he did his research. He didn’t believe fanciful myths. He scraped away the garbage and only went after magical items that had a good chance of actually existing.

And yet, even though the myths surrounding the powerful Staff of Merlin had always seemed too far-fetched to be true, suddenly a windfall of tempting information fell in his lap. Even worse? There was a deadly mercenary who was trying to find it first. If it was real, and if the psychopathic killer possessed it, then the world could be in serious danger.

Along with his new-found lovers, Zahn had no choice but to put aside his doubts and dive into the quest. If they succeeded, they would possess a treasure unlike anything the world had seen in a thousand years. If they failed, magic… even the remnants left over in the relics… might be eradicated from the world forever.

***** A Fair Warning! *****

This novel contains action, adventure, violence, and copious amounts of intense sex. The sexy fun contains harem elements and intense sexual descriptions that will make the innocent blush for sure.

For the entertainment of adults only!

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