Jace Blackbriar just wanted to become a blacksmith and live a comfortable life in his village. He wanted to learn to make goods that paid well; so he could support himself and maybe send some money to his family. His goal was to gain the Blacksmith class and start his own forge. His family never wanted him to become an adventurer and he wasn’t going to break that promise.

Then one of the other apprentices decided he needed to be taught a lesson. A rare and valuable magic item is destroyed and Jace is left with a racial transformation; cast into the wilds without guidance.

Now he has to figure out how to survive in a kill or be killed world as a monster race that most goodly folk will want dead.

Containing explicit elements and adult content, this D&D inspired story is the first in a series. Hurling the readers straight into the World of Avalar where every decision you make matters; follow along with Jace as he learns what it means to gain his thralls and become a true Incubus.

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