My best friend warned me about the end of the world.

Growing up, she was the girl down the street. Even then, I knew she was different. She was tough, rough, and had the strength to stop a speeding car with her bare hands. We were as thick as thieves, sharing every adventure.

Then one day she revealed a secret. She wasn’t from Earth. She was from a distant place called the Arcadia Multiverse.

Her people lived under the rule of a god-like entity known as the System.

That System had its gaze fixed on Earth. And it was only a matter of time before it came for us.

But long before the System arrived, she vanished, leaving behind only a strange token that now dangles around my neck.
Yet, her parting words stayed with me. The System was bound for Earth. And when it came, I’d be ready for it.

I would triumph over this System and the new world it brought with it. And then, perhaps, I’d see my friend again.

From the author of Paladin of the Sigil and the Spellheart Series, delve into this thrilling LitRPG Apocalypse and prepare for the end of the world, teeming with monsters, magic, and lovers aplenty. Coming to a universe near you!

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