Description by Alvin Atwater:

The Anime Trope System is back with its 17th light novel + a return to the 1 book per month format.
A lot of people may not know what this series is about, so I borrowed the description from the first book:
By the will of unknown deities, Clyde is swiped from Earth and tossed into an anime world. He’s the declared the Stone a.k.a Main Character. One day, he must kill the Viper, the antagonist. Too bad things aren’t exactly as black and white as that. The Stone is something much more…
This world and its inhabitants are real. It’s another dimension with a lot to explore.

This is the story of a young man’s evolution from college boy of Earth to godhood and beyond. The challenges stand ahead of him: demons, monster girls, crazy yanderes, even a girl with maxed charisma. He never thought he’d ever see a magical girl…

A story of comedy, action, and going from weak to completely unstoppable. He is the system disruptor…

In a world where tropes are present, anime girls falling in love so easily, and city-wide issues intertwining with the main mission, Clyde must level up his power, magic, and relationship and social stats, RPG-style. He can no longer be that earthling. He will learn… whether he likes it or not.

Someone who breaks systems…Feared by the gods…

~A lover of character development…
If you read Japanese light novels or consume anime like a glutton, then consider giving this one a shot.

P.S. No waifus were harmed in the making!

-Genres: Light novel, comedy, Isekai, LitRPG, adult, harem, character-driven, OP MC [though it begins in vol 2.].
-Book edited by Adam Luopa, series editor!
-Bookcover by Kyocs. (In addition to being the manga artist, he will now be doing the characters, covers, illustrations, etc from the ATS series. episode 1 from the old manga artist will be redone. )
-Character art illustrated by Worakit Chusanachoti (StarbowNext, former character artist.)

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