It’s a bigly number. The biggest this series has ever seen, and that’s to be expected, because I only endorse the best and most biggest possible.

And that’s what Arena is. It’s a fantastic story about the best American President of all time picking Marc Havoc to represent the world in the very important Crucible of Carnage space battle arena thing.

But this book is a bit different. For one, it’s back in the good old USA. Second, Marc has to save my daughter from all these illegal aliens. Literal illegal alien terrorists from outer space. Bad guys, I assure you. Very bad garbage aliens. The worst. Thirdly, It’s even more tremendous than the previous six books because there are more guns, more space-babes, and more Nakatomi Plaza. I’m even in it, since I make the best decisions and only hire winners, and the biggest winner of them all is Marc Havoc.

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