The mundane life of an orphaned peasant never prepared him for this…

Dorian Hawke’s daily routine was pretty straightforward. Wake up, pull his weight around the village, eat potatoes, go to bed. Not too shabby. Not very interesting, maybe, but it was honest work.

Then a boat falls like a meteor from the sky.

Next thing he knows, a gorgeous elf and stunning faun tell him that magical blood runs through his veins, and they need him to navigate their ship through space.

Not a day later he’s netherborne, flying his former lord’s yacht through the stars, battling goblin pirates, working for orcish crime lords, and dealing with the drama of two beautiful women who both want his attention. Whole new worlds are opening for Dorian, and he slowly accepts that he might just be who they say he is.

But when he partners with a flirty demonic powder mage for a routine cargo delivery, he realizes that for all the freedom this new lifestyle offers…the danger is on even footing.

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