She’s a She-Orc on the streets, and a Princess in the sheets…

Ymir has heard rumors of possible trouble with the merfolk because the fish people are not to be trusted. But everyone’s favorite barbarian turned scholar has other things to worry about. He’s working on forging another ring, running a business, and studying for his alchemy exams.

The women of Old Ironbound aren’t making that easy.

There’s a greedy fairy who won’t take no for an answer, his dwarven girlfriend is sampling aphrodisiacs, and now Gatha, the she-orc librarian, is showing some interest in him—but only if he can defeat her in battle. Meanwhile, the seas around the Majestrial Collegium Universitas are boiling with trouble. Someone is coming for an ancient artifact inside the Librarium Citadel, and if they get it, the continent of Thera will never be the same again.

Disclaimer: Barbarian Alchemist is a steamy slice-of-life harem adventure in a magic university on another world. The story burns slow and hot, as hot as the depraved women in Ymir’s life. The sex scenes are explicit. You’ve been warned. Enter a brand-new world from Aaron Crash, the bestselling author of the American Dragon series.

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