It’s here! Mother forking release day (yeah, I’m into the Good Place, so what?!). If you’re in need of something new to wet your whistle, then check out Barbarian Assassin, Book 2 in the Princesses of the Ironbound Series! A magical university set in another world, perfect for fans of my Hero Academia. Sexy elves. Lusty humans. A badass Barbarian named Ymir. And, it’s even in Kindle Unlimited so you can give it a try for free.

Aaron Crash

There’s something new, dark, and sweet at Old Ironbound

Ymir made a vow to master magic and to take care of his women. To do that, he’ll stay at the Majestrial Collegium Universitas, but he’ll stay on his own terms. He has a new business idea that will make life at the college sweeter and keep all the scholars randy. Ymir’s new business scheme requires a kitchen girl: the flirty dwarf named Toriah Welldeep, whose cheerful smile hides a broken heart.It’s not all work, though, and he finds love, laughter, and passion with Jennybelle Josen and Lillee Nehenna, though the elf maiden is struggling to come to terms with the short lifespan of her new family, and something is giving Jenny nightmares. Could it be one of the new professors working at Old Ironbound? The incoming teachers are not what they seem. Is the Midnight Guild coming to finish what they started

Barbarians don’t wait for assassins to murder them in their beds. Barbarians murder first.

Disclaimer: Barbarian Assassin is a steamy slice-of-life harem adventure in a magic university on another world. The story burns slow and hot, as hot as the depraved women in Ymir’s life. The sex scenes are explicit. You’ve been warned.

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