CONTENT WARNING: Explicit sex and violence!

The end of Billy the Barbarian’s first arc is upon us at last, and it has been a hell of a ride. Follow Billy and his surviving concubines through the barbarian’s quest to defeat the evil sorcerer Tuzun Im Kai’ro and claim kingship over Thune. Watch as his godly powers grow as he learns the mechanics of receiving prayer, and learn the truth of the malignant core that still festers inside him. All plot threads will be closed! All questions will be answered! And yet, Season 2 of Billy the Barbarian is already underway!

If you have enjoyed this serial pulp adventure, please consider checking back here on the 14th and the 28th each month for new releases. Also, there may or may not be a New Year’s Day surprise!

CAUTION: Read this book only if you enjoy d&d style adventures, dark bronze age fantasy, violent action sequences, exquisitely described sex scenes, and the occasional cuss word or two! You’ve been warned!

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